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Pet Safety for your Yard

by Christina Selter Your yard and garden are wonderful for relaxing, playing and entertaining. However, they can also be dangerous for our pets. As the Pet Safety Lady, I always say, “protecting our pets from potential hazards in our yards is of the utmost importance.” Statistics show that tens of thousands of calls each year

Holiday Pet Safety

Festivities can be Frightening for our Furry Friends by Christina Selter Holidays can create special dangers for pets. Each year during holiday seasons, thousands of pets are seriously injured, or they become ill from dangers associated with holiday events. Holidays, of course, are busy times, with event planning, shopping for gifts and decorations and other

What Animal Owners should know about Internet Pharmacies

With the recent emergence of Internet pharmacies, many pet owners have questions regarding their safety and credibility. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) appreciates the rising cost of health care for pets as well as humans, but cautions pet owners to be aware of the risks that may be involved. Frequently-asked questions Q: A friend

If your dog gets lost

Submitted by Deb Dempsey Co-Owner of Mouthful’s Pet Boutique, located in Denver, CO Picture this scenario: You pull into your driveway after work to discover your gate is open and your beloved dog is nowhere to be found. Do you know what steps to take to improve the chances of finding your best friend?

Keeping Pets from Household Chemicals

By Cindy Nelson Photos by Krystal Reed My husband, 7NEWS Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson, and I have been aware of the dangers of household toxins for at least two decades after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer induced by the chemicals in cleaning products. At first, it was hard to find a safer, effective and

Ready for action

In Case of Emergencies, BE PREPARED! Reprinted with permission from the Humane Society of the United States Disaster Preparedness for Pets The key to survival during a disaster, crisis or emergency is to be as prepared as possible before the storm hits. Take the time to make a plan and assemble an emergency kit for

A Guide to CPR and Emergency First Aid for your Dog

By Peter Bronski It’s every person’s worst nightmare: your dog is unconscious, and there’s no breathing or pulse. In short, it’s an emergency and time is of the essence. Would you know what to do? Whether due to illness, choking or an acute traumatic injury, there may come a time when your pup depends on

Protection: Make Sure Your DOG Can Be Identified

Submitted by Deb Dempsey Millions of pets are lost each year so it’s imperative for your pet’s safe return home that your dog has a form of identification. Here are a few easy and cost-effective suggestions to make sure your dog can be identified with a collar, dog tag, microchip or tattoo! TAGS: Dog tags

Temperament Testing

By Dr. Linda Wolf CARE Veterinary Consulting To temperament test or not to temperament test, that is the question. Whether it is a noble endeavor or “¦ Well, for what it’s worth, here is my bottom line on the subject: I believe that temperament tests should not be administered to give a pass/fail assessment as

Keeping Your Dog Safe

Submitted by Anna Morrison-Ricordati It is estimated that more than 2 million pets go missing each year. Yet, unlike missing children, of which more than 96 percent are recovered, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, national pet organizations have estimated that fewer than 10 percent of pets are found. In fact,